DAVID 9 LUNAS (reviewed by Andy Snipper)

February 2017

Bristol based singer and songwriter David 9 Lunas is hopefully releasing a new album this year, the follow up to ‘Rain Water and Wine’.

The first rough cuts are very promising with Luna’s sweet and throaty vocals well to the fore.

‘Hand Of Angels’ has the feel of a classic sixties pop/psychedelic, shimmering guitar leading into sparky solo riff and his voice, even on this early mix, sounding as though he is in a perfect place, unhurried and with no strain. There is even a tinge of Blues and reggae in the way he puts the song over.

‘Sunshine In The Rain’ shows a totally different side of Lunas; softly picked guitar and summery vocals. It sounds like the kind of love song that can only be written from the heart – no sense of song-as-product and all the more enticing and warming because of it.

From the early cuts it definitely sounds as though he is in a happy vein and ready to make the album his early promise demanded.


David 9 Lunas ( reviewed by The Musician )

October 2015

Latest review from The Musicians Union written by Keith Ames & Tom Short taken from The Musician, Magazine Autumn 2015 edition : ‘ David is a mercurial performer who blends his roots in Trinidad and his upbringing in the UK to forge emotional and charismatic songs flushed with melody and simple rhythmic settings, instantly memorable and highly enjoyable.’

DAVID 9 LUNAS ( reviewed by Andy Snipper)

Posted June 2015

David 9 Lunas: a slightly hippier Hendrix
Describing himself as a singer- songwriter hardly does credit to what David 9 does. Steeped in hippy tradition, with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, he has great charm, an innate niceness to his music, and is capable of some really sensitive and emotive writing.

There are definite touches of both Donovan and Marc Bolan in his music, but he also has a surreal side to his lyrics that genuinely brings a smile to your face.

Residing in the Bristol area and gigging regularly in the South West and London, he has been building a large following and his recent release, Mushroom Tea, shows his capabilities to a ‘T’.

Mushroom Tea – David 9 Lunas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)
Posted on April 28, 2015 by Dave Franklin

For a man whose past weaves between such rock and hard places as No Sweat, B.L.O.W and therefore by association Little Angels, David 9 Lunas seems to have found a mellower musical place to inhabit these days. The 5 tracks on Mushroom Tea blend soulful restraint and chilled, acoustic vibes and even when heading back into his old stamping grounds on Angel in a Tree, the result is funky blues rather than anything more blatant. And whilst such a song shows Lunas to be a fine gravel voiced rock singer it is the soft tones of the more considered tracks coupled with the lyrical poeticism that provides the more memorable moments of the record.

As with last years Rain, Water and Wine, Lunas again shows that musically he is happy to wander across various musical boundaries, work in genres ranging from folk, soul, pop, funk and blues but which ever he choses is able to deliver sensitive and restrained tunes, something he does with ease.

Mushroom Tea – David 9 Lunas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


David 9 Lunas
Mushroom Tea EP
added: 28 Mar 2015 // release date: 1 Apr 2015 // label: Self issued
reviewer: Andy Snipper
David 9 Lunas – Mushroom Tea EP –

To be honest, I have no idea how to characterise David 9 Lunas, I can only say that the songs on this EP have been bringing bigger smiles to my face than anyone else I have heard recently.

He has a really pleasant voice, full of tuneful colour and an accent I couldn’t quite place but might be London or Bristol-lite and he writes songs that tell stories of his life and just charm the heck out of the listener.

Opening track, ‘Mushroom Tea’, is possibly not about tea made from buttons or chestnut mushrooms but it swings along merrily and the refrain “I’m just sittin’, watching the freaks go by” takes you straight to balmy summer days, imbibing just a little too much and in the company of like types. It has echoes of Donovan and a delicious sixties groove.
Going right from that into a sublime lullaby is absolutely not what you would expect but he carries it off with a simple backing and all the focus on his voice – untrained and not quite perfect but just right for the song.

He peppers his songs with little surreal pinpricks and that adds to the charm of his music – this is really what he is about, charm and whimsy and somehow he makes something that lingers long in the memory.

He can get serious as on ‘Wildfire’, subtle and jazzy with tons of atmosphere as well as the hippy stuff but the live version of ‘Angel In A Tree’ shows the frustrated Bolan who also resides deep in his soul.

David 9 Lunas is good for your soul, he makes music that allows you to smile and brings you joy and puzzlement in equal measure. In a fair world he would be a national treasure


David 9 Lunas – Rain Water and Wine –

David 9 Lunas | hotvox

~ Rain Water & Wine Album Review

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