Biography: David 9 Lunas

David 9 Lunas
Biography: David 9 Lunas
Living in the UK from four years old, David a Trinidadian, has been mesmerizing audiences up and down the country for a while now;

Having sat on and broken his violin at 5 and loosing the clarinet on a 29 busroute at age 8 the guitar was the instrument of choice at 10, that never left his side apart from when as punishment for not studying his father broke the guitar in the garden with an axe! This did not stop David; he acquired another guitar and continued.

His maternal Aunt Daisy Voisin toured and recorded in the early 60’s throughout Trinidad & Tobago in a Perang orchestra ( and (playing guitar) became known as “The Mother of Parang “She was explosive,vivacious and tempestuous. She enjoyed every moment on stage.(Clearly David inherited this).

His Father constantly sang and mimicked Harry Belafonte and Nat King Cole around the house and thus his Aunt Daisy and Father Angelo has had a great influence on David musically.

Armed with a mix of poets and songsmiths from Arthur Rimbaud and George Orwell to Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley David developed into something distinctively original and singularly identifiable.

Specialising in slide and fingerpicking David’s style is forcefully rhythmical with powerful vocal that ranges from lush to gravelly.

In 1990, David charted at No1 in Ireland with band No Sweat, as their lead guitar player/song writer. Managed by Def. Leppard’s Joe Elliott.

David recorded and toured extensively in the US and the UK on the back of No Sweat’s debut album recorded by Super Producer Keith Olsen (White Snake, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac).

No Sweat folded so David was invited to join B.L.O.W a London trip-rock band made from the ashes of the Scarborough boy rock band Little Angels after they had heard him sing two year previously!

B.L.O.W sold well with their album “Pigs” with David as front man in the summer of 1995 that culminating in an MTV interview and acoustic performance that was reviewed favorably by London’s major music magazine, Kerrang amongst others.

B.L.O.W parted when the drummer left to join the newly formed Skunk Anansie
David’s solo acoustic career began and he accommodated a more punk-folk vision as the solo artist : David 9 Lunas.

Now out of contract with Warner’s and Sony, David 9 Lunas has been honing his craft, playing for 6 hours a day, writing and gathering material and performing extensively throughout the UK and Europe.

In June 2014 David 9 Lunas first solo album, Rain Water and Wine (produced by Anssi Jalonen) became available through Band camp, iTunes and Amazon, facebook and you can purchase a CD at all live performances.

David 9 Lunas first EP, Mushroom Tea was released on 1st April 2015

The Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl of Rain Water & Wine is now available to purchase

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