What listeners say

” That song Lullaby was so beautiful , it made me cry” Fiona Art Cafe Southampton

“What a beautiful voice” audience member Art Cafe, Southampton

” Thanks for that, it was an interesting mix of serious and not so serious!” audience member Cafe Bliss

“That was excellent going to check you out on the internet” audience member Cafe Bliss, Worcester

“Absolutely fantastic, will look you up on Facebook” Bliss Cafe, Worcester

“Brilliant at audience control a real skill” Bliss Cafe, Worcester

” That was amazing!  It was refreshing, made me feel comfortable and then took me to different places—– what a mix of genres, Brilliant ‘  The Fleece, Bristol

‘I just want to say how much I was blown away by your set, and how inspiring it was to watch your performance. Its performances like that that really make me want to keep developing as a musician, and go deeper into my own music that I write! Thank you mate, and I hope to see you play again in the future. All the best’  an audience member at Smoke & Mirrors

Last time I shared the stage with David 9 Lunas I thought to myself ‘he’s possibly one of the best singer/songwriters I’ve ever met’. After sharing the stage with him again tonight, there’s no “possibly” about it. The guy is a legend and a true Gent. from Steve Mercy

‘ This is the third time I’ve seen him and he gets better every time” Horse & Jockey

” Terrific set! Amazing performer, and what a voice!”

“Fantastic” The Fleece Bristol 

” I think David is real talent ” Mark Venus Music promoter 

Awesome” Wayne Boucard DJ

From Facebook/Soundout/Reverbnation

“The lyrics were original and meaningful. There is flow and dynamics.” 

“Nice poetic metaphors mixed with jazzy range of singing equals a provocative cut.” 

“The overall tone has a rich deep warm quality… The singer has an elegant tone to his voice. He is very soulful.” 

“Perfect sounds and cultivating music flows from this heartbreaker.”

this album (bits) i just hear are unbelievable.

this is the best music i heard in a very long time…”

“……don’t take it the wrong way but i think that you should go on x factor and Britain’s got talent

Thank you for the music “

 Britain seems to have a decent number of solo performers making their way at the moment and David 9 is one of the most deserving of a listen.”

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